The Empty Chair and “Hold These Truths” Intertwine


The Empty Chair covered with 1000 cranes on the day of its dedication.

If you want to see how national and local events reflect each other, catch duel reflections of the Japanese incarceration during World WarII.

Greg Chaney’s documentary “The Empty Chair” and an acclaimed play titled “Hold These Truths” are coming to Juneau this November in back to back venues. Greg’s documentary will be shown at the Gold Town Theater on November 15th at 7:00 p.m. and “Hold These Truths” will be opening at the Perseverance Theater on the 18th at 7:30 p.m. and playing through December 4th. The Perseverance Theater asked Greg to join them in addressing this troubling event in U.S. history.


As quoted from the Perseverance Theater website:

“Gordon Hirabayashi, the son of Japanese immigrants, had just graduated from the University of Washington when he was ordered to report to internment camps outside Seattle. Gordon chose to fight U. S Government action rather than obey the order he felt was unlawful. His experience in the courts and camps of the time sparked his passion for the U.S. Constitution, and the courage of his convictions led him to the Supreme Court and a posthumous Medal of Freedom. The one man show stars Greg Watanobe and is his true story.”

Local Japanese who have been incarcerated or who have family members who were similarly treated have been invited to the play to share their experiences.

Catch both shows to see how one enlightens the other!


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