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Marjorie Alstead Shackelford




3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello,
    My name is David Masuo and I am currently the Chapter President of the Japanese American Citizen’s League here in Anchorage Alaska. I just heard about your project and I am wanting to donate money to your cause in the name of the Alaska Chapter, JACL. I will be going to our chapter members to get an approval of $1000. Please let me know if that would be okay for your needs.

    • Hello David….We would be delighted to have a donation from your organization! The amount you are willing to consider giving is very generous and definitely meets our needs. On behalf of the committee, let me extend our gratitude…thank you.

      Margie Shackelford….Empty Chair Committee

  2. I’m so happy to see that some one is talking about such an epic time in our history. I was raised in an interment camp as a child and my grandparents lived in one as well in a small town of Wilder, Idaho. I’ve always wished that I had more information about the camps in Idaho, because I know of at least 4 of them in Wilder and several more in the surrounding areas. I always felt some conncetion as my parents were migrants and worked in the fields that were later owned by the same japanese families that were interned at these camps, growing up as a child and not knowing much about the camps as a child I found it curious as I grew older, but there was very little information or knowledge from the community about the camps. I would be interested to know if he has any knowledge of the camps as well? I look forward to watch the commentary in Newport, OR. The Empty Chair, can’t wait.
    Thank you,
    Guille Brown

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