Chaney Film Will Kick Off Empty Chair Events

Greg Chaney’s documentary titled The Empty Chair kicks off a series of events planned for the Empty Chair Memorial Dedication. It will be shown at noon on Friday, July 11th, at the 20th Century Theatre in downtown Juneau and again on Saturday at 7:00 p.m. at the Nickelodeon Theatre. Donations will gladly be accepted.

Below is a picture of Marie Darlin and Jack Pasquan taken by Greg while they were sharing memories about their time at Juneau High School in the early forties.



Marie and Jack talking about old times.

Greg was specifically interested in the 1942 graduation when the empty chair was left to mark the place where John Tanaka should have sat had he not been incarcerated at Minidoka Internment Camp. Marie and Jack were juniors at the time, and their friend Walter Fukuyama suffered a similar fate.



Jack Pasquan reflecting on high school years.

If you attend the movie, you will see many familiar Juneau faces. All their stories are compelling. Come and see for yourself.


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