Waiting for Dedication Day


The view of Gastineau Channel above the memorial in Capital School Park.

Above you can see workmen adding a rock facing to the front of the retaining wall while the chair awaits its dedication day under the crate that has been assembled to keep it from public view.

photo_1 (9)

Close-up view of the crate containing the memorial and the new rock facing on the retaining wall.

Artist Peter Reiquam attached the memorial to its base earlier this week. It sits on a concrete aggregate foundation donated by AGGPRO. The last touch was added to the memorial when Alaska Stone and Concrete placed a stone facing, which they donated to the project, on the front of the sitting wall.

photo_1 (2)

A close-up of the rock facing on the wall.


photo_1 (10)

A view from the east side of the memorial site.

Below you see some of the cranes that are waiting to “fly in” for the ceremony. Everything is in readiness and now we are just waiting for July 12th to arrive so we can celebrate the dedication of the Empty Chair Memorial!


Half of the 1,000 cranes.


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