The Empty Chair On Its Way

Peter Reiquam has informed us that the memorial he has created for the Empty Chair Project is on its way from the Seattle area to Juneau on a Samson Tug and Barge courtesy of Jim Williams and his company North Pacific Erectors. Peter will be arriving the week of June 23rd to attach the chair to its platform on its site in Capital School Park. It will be kept “under wraps” until the dedication ceremony at 2:00 o’clock on July 12th.


The Empty Chair boxed up in Seattle and ready to be shipped to Juneau.


Peter Reiquam taking the memorial to the docks

In Juneau Jim Triplette’s crew, Andy Pekovich, and Roger and Karleen Grummett are hard at work readying the site in Capital School Park for the arrival of Peter and the memorial.

photo_(13) (1)

On the left, Jim Triplette is directing traffic as John Dybdahl (middle) and Tom Dougherty (right) level the area where the chair will sit.

photo_3 (3)

The area behind the retaining wall has now been filled in and the leveled section in front is ready to be filled with concrete.



Loren Hope, Tom Dougherty, Andy and Roger trying out the “sitting wall”.

photo_3_(3) (1)

Karleen pruning the pesky, prickly… but lovely… Sitka roses.


Roger and Andy replacing the sod behind the retaining wall.

As I write, the crew is waiting to pour concrete because the rain has decided to pour instead! Next, the exposed wall will be covered with a rock face. It’s all coming together beneath the beautiful backdrop of Mt. Juneau.




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