Breaking Ground

After removing sod from the memorial site, the next step, completed by volunteer Jerry Godkins, Jr. on Monday, June 9, was to excavate dirt from the site with heavy equipment in preparation for placement of a retaining wall and a cement pad to be used as a base under the memorial.

Jerry Godkin Jr. beginning to excavate dirt to provide a space for the footings to construct the retaining wall and provide a level space for the cement pad the memorial will sit on.

Jerry Godkin Jr. beginning to evacuate a space for the footings that will serve as a retaining wall behind the memorial.


Two thirds of the retaining wall will be underground. They are almost ready to place the form that will be used to hold the concrete as it dries.


Jerry Godkin measuring the depth of the excavation with Roger Grummett.


Today, June 10, was the day for placing the form into the dug space. The form was  constructed by volunteer Jim Triplette of Triplette Construction. It will be filled with concrete to shape the retaining wall into a semi-circle around the sides and back of the Empty Chair.


photo_2 (1)

In the hole are Tom Dougherty of Triplette Construction and his crew making sure the ground is level before placing the form. Roger watches from the sidelines.


Easy does it!


In goes the form, ready for concrete to be poured tomorrow. The chair and its base will sit on a concrete pad that will be created on the level surface to the left of the excavation.

Here’s my favorite picture….the view from the site of the chair through the arm of the excavator and down to the channel with a ship coming into port.


Ship approaching Juneau.

Thanks to Karleen Grummett for all these wonderful pictures and information that keep us in the loop.









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