Come Fold Cranes With Us This Saturday

You are invited to a crane folding event this Saturday, April 19th from 1-3 at the Juneau- Douglas City Museum.

Previously nine ladies gathered at organizer Jackie Triplette’s home on Monday, April 14 to make origami cranes. The majority were Juneau High School students when Mary Tanaka was attending.



On the left, Jeanne Hansen and Joyce Mill taught the group to fold cranes. Jackie Triplette, standing, organized the three of them this winter to start making cranes. To the right of Jackie are Susie Ronsee and Joanne Wilder.



Here Jeanne Hansen is helping Kathy Hildre and Sheri Dye with their crane folding. Not shown: Karleen Grummett and Linda Kvasnikoff.


The crane is considered a symbol of peace and hope and the 1,000 we have in mind to grace the memorial on its dedication day is considered a particularly fortuitous number.

With Monday’s four-hour session Jackie estimates there are over 500 cranes now completed. She has organized a community crane-making event at the Juneau-Douglas City Museum with Jane Lindsay, museum director, for this Saturday, April 19, from 1-3. All are welcome to attend.


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