The Empty Chair Tagged as Overcoming Obstacles

A wooden chair from the 30's or 40's

A wooden chair from the 30’s or 40’s

For those of you who missed the latest Empty Chair publicity, here’s a recap of the Juneau Empire Dec. 29 article “Valuable lessons Learned” by Neighbors Editor Melissa Griffiths. She prefaced it with the following statement:

“It’s the end of the year and, though there won’t be a test, I thought it would be nice to review what we’ve learned this year. Juneau is full of people bursting with love, passion and knowledge, much of which gets shared in stories each week. Some common themes for Neighbors include family, home, food, passion, overcoming obstacles and love.”

In the section titled “Overcoming obstacles” Melissa wrote, “This year we also heard updates on the Empty Chair Project and a story from Alice Tanaka about how the Juneau community helped her family deal with and recover from being sent to internment camps during World War II. The group has made great progress with fundraising and was awarded a grant for $80,000 from the National Park Service. It is expected that we’ll have this memorial for the Japanese Americans sent to internment camps from Juneau in the coming year.”

The Empty Chair Committee is grateful to the Juneau community, the National Park Service and friends at large for their rapid and generous response to our fundraising efforts during the last year. We also look forward with anticipation to the placing of the memorial in Capital School Park this summer. So it is with hope and enthusiasm that we celebrate the new year and the fruition of so many of our plans. It’s all been miraculous and we could never thank all of our supporters enough! But we’ll try….THANK YOU!


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