Note from Nancy Nash

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Nancy Nash

Thanks and appreciation to all Empty Chair people!

Steve has been writing about our gratitude, as musicians, for becoming a part of this wonderful project. I second everything he’s said, but I want to add my own perspective now along two lines.

First, all of the music we performed was chosen for its connection to the concepts embodied in the Empty Chair project: that distressing things happen to people, but friendship and true community can help in healing from the pain.
Especially, the love and friendship shared by Robert Schumann, Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms comes through very movingly in their music. At different periods in their lives, they were there for each other in concrete ways.

And second, the concert weekend in Juneau tied up some ends from the fabric of my life. I’ve heard about the City Cafe for the 46 years I’ve know Dwight, my husband. To speak of it as an “institution” is an understatement. It seems to have been a community center, a soup kitchen, a youth club, a sports roundtable, and much more. To have gotten to know the daughters of its founder is great!

Other connections are many. Marie Darlin worked with Florence Nash, my mother-in-law. Dwight’s sister Carol went all through grade school and middle school with the Class of ’58. Thirty-five years ago I played in UAS piano master class recitals on that Northern Light piano. And, as Steve and I have become friends through the years, I’ve heard about the very similar experiences hes father went through during the war. Our playing music together for this project seemed especially appropriate.

Thanks to all for everything.

Nancy Nash


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