Alaska Pioneers

Grassy rise as possible site for the Empty Chair Memorial in Capital School Park.

Roger and Karleen Grummett took our Empty Chair PowerPoint to a meeting of over 50 Pioneers of Alaska Friday night in Juneau. Roger addressed the gathering and Karleen managed the PowerPoint. Committee member Marie Darlin also attended.

Included in the PowerPoint is the video we have posted on this page of Alice Tanaka Hikido describing her experiences during her family’s internment at Minidoka and their subsequent return to Juneau. She also details how her family was supported in their efforts to begin their lives anew by members of the Juneau community. If you are interested in her story, just scroll down and listen to Alice narrate her family’s experiences in the video entitled “In the Same Boat.” As Karleen reported, “We heard oohs and aahs, sad ones and interested ones as Alice spoke on the video, as well as throughout the presentation. People were especially happy to see Alice’s current family photos.”

The Grummetts’ presentation must have been very successful as the Pioneers pledged $2,000 dollars to the Empty Chair Project to be allocated at the beginning of next year. Speaking on behalf of the committee, let me take this opportunity to publically thank the Pioneers for their generous contribution to our efforts. It is truly appreciated.

Possible backdrop for the Empty Chair Memorial.


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